Blooming Sally. How to collect, dry and brew.

Blooming Sally (Ivan tea) or Cyprus appreciates in Russia not only for the taste qualities of the drink, but also for a balanced combination of vitamins and trace elements. Tea has a tonic effect on the whole body. Many useful properties of Ivan tea are confirmed by modern medicine.

Benefit of Blooming Sally:

– with diseases of the bladder – relieve pain and inflammation;
– helps to clean kidneys from fine sand:
– will bring to normal high blood pressure;
– is an anti-inflammatory agent;
– reduce the heat;
– helps to bring out the macros when coughing;
– adjust the work of the endocrine system;
– perfectly strengthens the immune system;
– improves blood composition.

How and where to collect:

Blooming Sally is harvested during the flowering period (June-September) away from production facilities and busy roads. For collection, choose a dry day.

Tear off the leaves of the plant, and not the flowers, since they do not play any role in the quality of the drink. Young leaves and the tops of dairy shoots are of special quality.

To dry Blooming Sally proceed immediately, as collected raw materials.
Blooming Sally. How to collect, dry and brew.
How to cook
– First thing I do is leaflets and dry with a paper towel;
– We spread raw materials on paper with a layer of 3 centimeters;
– cover the top with a light cloth and leave in a dark place for a day;
– periodically stir up the raw materials, turning the leaves. They should slightly submerge;
– We begin to twist the leaflets in the palms so that the juice stands out. The sheet will become dark and you should get something like “sausage”;
– further we scrape into the jar the twisted leaves and cover with a damp cloth for fermentation;
– put the jar in a warm place with a temperature of at least 25-27 degrees for 2-3 days;
– fermentation will be completed, when the smell of leaves becomes floral-honey;
– after fermentation, cut the leaves with scissors to the size of tea leaves;
– spread Ivan-tea on the pans with a layer of 1 centimeter, bedding a parchment paper;
– Dry in the oven with the door ajar (for ventilation) at t – 60 degrees for about two hours.
– Let cool the pan at room temperature;
– Ready to put Blooming Sally in a glass container with a tight lid for storage and put it away in a dark place.

How to brew Blooming Sally:

– pass a teapot with boiling water;
– We take one tablespoon of Blooming Sally for 250 grams of water t- 90-95 degrees;
– cover and insist 15 minutes.

By the way, tea can be brewed 2-3 times.

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