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How to clear iPhone memory 0

How to clear iPhone memory

IPhone users eventually notice the disappearance of internal memory resources due to the appearance of cache residues and other accumulated data. Reviewers of the popular technical publication ZDNet gave very simple and effective advice...

Viennese Cookies Recipe 0

Viennese Cookies Recipe

We will need: – eggs – 2 pieces; – butter or margarine – 200 grams; – sugar – 1 glass; – flour – 1.5 cups; – pepper soda-0.5 teaspoon; – a pinch of salt;...

How to cook mackerel 0

How to cook mackerel

We suggest you to try simply and quickly to cook a delicious mackerel in three minutes. The fish turns golden color without the addition of chemistry and carcinogens that occur when smoking fish. We...