[:ru]Как правильно приготовить плов в казане на костре [:en]How to cook pilaf in a cauldron on the fire[:] 1how to do it
How to cook pilaf in a cauldron on the fire
For pilaf on the fire , you need a thick-walled 8-10 liters lid with a lid. This cauldron is enough to feed a large group of friends. We will need: –
[:ru]Как приготовить овощи на гриле. [:en]How to cook grilled vegetables[:] 3recipes
How to cook grilled vegetables
Vegetables, cooked on the grill, will preserve the most useful substances and taste qualities. It is easy to prepare and takes 30 minutes. You will need: –
[:ru]Как приготовить Венское печенье.[:en]Viennese Cookies Recipe[:] 5how to do it
Viennese Cookies Recipe
We will need: – eggs – 2 pieces; – butter or margarine – 200 grams; – sugar – 1 glass; – flour –
[:ru]Как приготовить скумбрию "под копчение" . Рецепт.[:en]How to cook mackerel[:] 7how to do it
How to cook mackerel
We suggest you to try simply and quickly to cook a delicious mackerel in three minutes. The fish turns golden color without the addition of chemistry and
[:ru]Как правильно приготовить уху с водкой .[:en]Ukha ( Uha ) Recipe of Russian fish soup with vodka [:] 9how to do it
Ukha ( Uha ) Recipe of Russian fish soup with vodka
You can cook soup ” Ukha  “, practically from any fish you catch. Can be prepared from perch, burbot, zander, ruff, carp , beluga, salmon
[:ru]Как правильно готовить борщ . [:en]How to cook borsch[:] 11how to do it
How to cook borsch
Borsch is the most popular soup in Russia and Ukraine. We offer a classic borscht recipe . We will need: – meat for broth preparation.
Shaurmahow to do it
How to cook shawarma at home
Shaurma (shaverma). This dish of Oriental cuisine is exactly known to everyone and at least once bought in tents on the street. We offer to cook shawarma at home.
[:ru]Как приготовить шашлык из курицы.[:en]How to cook shish kebab from chicken.[:] 13how to do it
How to cook shish kebab from chicken.
Shish kebab from chicken has a lot of advantages: – quickly preparing – it is a very budget dish – the chicken is easily absorbed by the body.