How to unlock Telegram

Как разблокировать Телеграмм lifehacks

Telegram can block in various countries and so we’ve put together useful tips on how to bypass the blocking of this service to which many have grown accustomed .

How to unlock Telegram on PC for Windows and macOS
In version Telegram running under Windows and macOS, for desktop computers there is a possibility to carry traffic through the SOCKS5 IP addresses that will not be blocked in Russia .

The official desktop client of Telegram for Windows and a version for macOS added support SOCKS5 , which will allow you to redirect applications through a third party IP addresses that are not blocked in Russia , this will need to come with a list of SOCKS5 servers ( e.g. HideIP) and copy the IP address and port of another server.


Как разблокировать Телеграмм
Как разблокировать Телеграмм




Now you need to install and run Telegram , and then open “settings” (left menu), then in Advanced Settings click Connection type and select TCP with custom socks-5-proxy .

In Hostname you need to put the copied IP address of the proxy server , and port is the port number, then click Save and the expected connection .



If the chats and contacts won’t upload worth a try to put a different IP address and port.

Another Telegram will open anonymizer in Google Chrome through extension friGate CDN and Tor.


How to bypass the lock app Telegram on Android and iOS
In the near future it is expected appearance of support for SOCKS5 to the application of the Telegrams on the phone , but in the moment, you can use a VPN service nka similarity to the Mozilla VPN , which is also available for devices running iOS.

Как разблокировать Телеграмм
Как разблокировать Телеграмм

Only need to run Mozilla VPN and when connecting specify the IP of any other country, the traffic will begin to pass through the VPN server .

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