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Yoga in the understanding of many is something strange and not quite accessible, but this opinion is very far from the truth .

Yoga practice is primarily a set of different physical exercises that effectively help to keep the body and mind in good shape .

To obtain a visible effect it is recommended to do exercise with a constant frequency at least two to three times a week.


If you decide to do yoga , then for a start it is advisable to consult a doctor and only then a few classes to hold under the guidance of an experienced trainer who will be able to correctly show different poses and asanas .

In practice , there is not always enough time to go to the lessons to the coach, on such days you can pick up a light set of exercises and work out independently at home .




There are quite a number of services such as YouTube and Vimeo where you will easily be able to find a video for both beginners and experienced practitioners..


Also you can download free video yoga lessons using torrent tracker and independently engage whenever and wherever you want, even in the absence of the Internet .

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